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A VHS tape rewinder was an electronic device that was used to rewind VHS tapes.


These devices, created shortly after the production of Video Tapes, were very popular in households with children.[citation needed] There were also Beta tape rewinders as well. They were also used because VCRs were believed to make kinks in the tapes which could corrupt playback after several rewinds. The rewinder would rewind tapes smoothly and additionally be several times faster. In addition, it would take the wear and tear away from the VCR, and protect the heads of the VCR.

A survey in 1993 of electronics repair people by a video magazine editor, yeilded the answer to "What is the worst thing you can do to your VCR?" as being regularly rewinding rented videotapes through it with the solution to use a tape rewinder to save VCR heads from "junk" on rental cassettes.

A tape would be insterted into the rewinder and pushed down so the rewinding mechanism would start; There would also be a button on the front or side of the rewinder so a tape could be popped out in case a wheel inside a tape got caught and started sticking which could cause the tape to be ripped out from the inside of the cassette or severely damaged. These rewinders are not being made any more due to the introduction of DVDs as CDs and DVDs are not rewinded.


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Vhs Tape Rewinder

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