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DAT-320 data tape, introduced by Sony, is the latest version of the DDS/DAT tape storage format. Sony DAT-320 tape is a high speed tape medium which delivers outstanding data security and increased data throughput. Sony DAT320 tape format offers many compelling features that have been designed to solve the backup storage requirements of modern businesses at a rapid speed and affordable price.


Recording capacity provided by Sony DAT-320 tape cartridge is 120 GB. Sony has improved the security level in DAT-320 tape media format by introducing a highly efficient data encryption technology. Sony DAT-320 tape storage technology yields higher recording density and greater capacity at lowest cost. DAT is the first tape storage product by Sony that uses the efficient AME technology to provide unmatched storage solutions. Transfer speed of DAT320 data tape in native form is 12 Mbps which doubles to deliver 24Mbps in compressed mode. Model name of Sony DAT-320 tape cartridge is DGDAT320 that has capacity of 320 GB in compressed form. For DAT-320 media tape format, Sony engineered a new efficient DGDAT320CL cleaning tape cartridge whose robust design provides exceptional performance that boosts the output characteristics of highly efficient Sony DGDAT320 backup tape.


Sony has raised the capacity and media robustness of DAT-320 media tape over the previous DAT backup tape versions including its predecessor DAT-160 tape format. High speed Sony DAT-320 tape format aims at enterprises having remote locations and SMBs. Sony DAT320 data tape has been developed to satisfy the ongoing data storage needs of SMBs that are aiming to lower the ownership cost for a disaster recovery backup storage medium. Sony DGDAT320 tape offers small and medium businesses double the performance and capacity as compared to the prior DAT-160 tape technology. High capacity DAT-160 tape cartridge is capable of recording 160GB information while the latest DAT-320 media cartridge can hold data up to 320 GB.


Sony DAT 320 tape technology is an affordable storage medium that provides increased transfer speed and low ownership cost. Sony DAT-320 backup tape has increased track density and features capability of storing more data amounts in a given footprint. This advantageous feature of Sony DAT320 tape storage media helps to reduce the power consumption, floor space and operational costs. Sony DGDAT320 media tape technology also enables the I.T managers to address the financial costs as well. Sony DAT-320 is the best economical tape medium for interactive data archiving and is considered the greenest tape storage format. DAT-320 is a high capacity tape cartridge that is designed for long term durability, superior data integrity and its small size saves floor space.

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Sony DGDAT320 media tape

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This article was published on 2010/03/16