Create Straight Edge With Painters Tape

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Are you in need of something to help create straight and clean paint lines? Then painters tape might be your perfect choice as it can provide straight paint lines, lifts off cleanly and no sticky residue is left in sight.


Using a thin-strip of low, medium or high tack painters tape to such areas as doorframes, electrical outlets or window sashes, offers an effective means of speeding up a decorating project. Paint splotches and discoloration are less noticeable, and a need for a final touch up is often eliminated or minimal.


A painters tape, with low-tack, is ideal to use in situations were it might come into contact with smooth or delicates surfaces, such as wood floors, vinyl-coated wallpaper, primed wallboard, fresh paint (up to 24-hours) and faux painting. A low-tack masking tape that lifts off easily and cleanly, without leaving adhesive residue, and can be left in place for up to 60-days.


Painter tapes, with medium to high-tack properties, are ideal to adhere to a variety of painted-surfaces, including finished or painted woodwork or trim, as well as metal, glass, and painted walls - an ideal choice for a long-term project where it becomes necessary to leave tape in position for up to 14-days.  


Use of masking tape is often discouraged on such surfaces as unpainted wallpaper, wallboard and lacquer, and to ensure its continued effectiveness, its best to keep the tape clean and protected in times of non-use, as once its becomes damaged or dirty the performance isn't so great.


Useful features seen with a decorators protective tape include UV/Sunlight resistant to stop tape breakdown or adhesive transfer, optimum conformability around curves, corners and spindles - such as light switches, door frames or window corners, and a suitable re-sealable or stay-fresh container to leave the tape in its best possible condition.


Gear to offer ease in applying the tape includes an under-the-cabinet, wall-mounted or hand-held tape dispenser, these come constructed in a solid polycarbonate type material to store, dispense and cut multiple work tapes - including the masking tape, duct tape, gaffer's tape and shipping tape.


Whether it is for exterior or interior use, a professional-grade roll of decorators tape offers a temporary protective coating to achieve clean, crisp lines and to avoid paint oozing on a wide variety of semi-smooth to semi rough glass, metal and wood surfaces.


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Create Straight Edge With Painters Tape

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This article was published on 2010/09/23